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5 Benefits of Bidets for Seniors

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BOOTIFUL Bidet Modern
BOOTIFUL Bidet Modern
BOOTIFUL Bidet Modern
BOOTIFUL Bidet Modern

BOOTIFUL Bidet Modern

$29.00 Regular price $60.00

BOOTIFUL Bidet cleans your booty anytime you need to freshen up down there. Sometimes a quick stream is all you need to feel clean.


  • Booty & Feminine washing options
  • Splash guard keeps nozzles clean
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Thin design, no toilet seat bumpers required


  • Easy 10-minute installation
  • Step-by-step tutorial 
  • No plumbing/electrical work 
  • All materials included



Bootiful Modern Bidet- love this product

The Bootiful Team was very helpful, kind, and efficient. Love this product- definitely buying two more for the house!!


Love My Bidet

I can’t believe I went so long without this bidet! It works perfectly and I love the simple, elegant design.


A must have!

After using the BOOTIFUL Bidet, I cannot go back to just using toilet paper. I’m going to buy one for my office soon!!



Exactly as advertised. It took very little time to install and we started using it immediately. My husband and I both use it and love the refreshing feeling! We're going to purchase another one for our guest bathroom.


Low cost, classy little feature!

What a great little product! Easy to install, love the use of it, why didn’t we already have one of these??! We love it.

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5 Benefits of Bidets For Seniors

Check out The Booty Blog!

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