Benefits Of Bidets For Seniors Best Bidet For Seniors

5 Benefits Of Bidets For Seniors

Going to the bathroom becomes more challenging as we age, luckily there are ways to make the bathroom experience easier and not to mention, more fun! Bootiful Bidet is a bidet attachment that fits right under your toilet and makes the bathroom experience easier. Here are some benefits of bidets for seniors!

1. Improve hygiene

    Your bidet can help improve your hygiene after #2s or anytime you use the bathroom. Our bidet attachment offers regular bum wash as well as feminine wash for cleaning lady parts. With the simple press of a button, a fresh stream of water is delivered. Bootiful Bidet has a pressure knob so you can control exactly how soft or hard you want the water pressure.

    2. Maintaining independence in the bathroom

    An older adult may not be able to bend and twist to reach their behind. Bootiful Bidet eliminates physical strain and makes cleaning easy. Having the ability to use the restroom by yourself without assistance will help seniors maintain their independence and privacy.

    3. Easy installation and cleaning

    We offer step by step instructions here for installing your bidet in 10 minutes. All you need is a screwdriver and a wrench. Bootiful Bidet will fit on standard two piece toilets and doesn’t require any special plumbing. 

    Cleaning is a breeze with the self-cleaning button that runs water over the nozzles. The nozzles retract behind a splash guard for an easy wipe down.

    4. Cost effective

    Bootiful Bidets cost just $59.99, coming in much lower than pricey stand alone bidets that require extra plumbing and space that end up costing thousands. The feel of luxury just got a lot more affordable.

    5. Fun for the whole family!

    Having a bidet has many benefits, but one that we love is how fun bidets are! This is definitely one to tell the grandkids about and teach them how to use too!


    Now that we’ve covered why Bootiful Bidet is great for seniors, head over to our shop and see it for yourself!

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