7 Reasons Women Should Have Bidets

7 Reasons Women Should Have Bidets

Ever had that awkard feeling during sex or your period when you arn't sure if everything is smelling alright? Being self-conscious about hygiene is something we've all experienced. Cleanliness is an increasing variable in attraction as our society evolves to value hygiene more and more.

Giving women the ability to freshen up and clean their lady parts is a feature on

our BOOTIFUL Bidet that we are super excited about. However, we understand that bidets are not traditionally used for vaginal cleaning so we’ve put together 7 reasons women should have bidets, and what you should know about them.


1. Our Bidet Has A Feminine Mode Specifically For Cleaning Your Vagina

Feminine mode is a separate nozzle on our bidet that is angled more forward than booty mode and is designed to reach your lady parts. It provides a gentle cleansing to your sensitive areas.


2. Feminine Mode Is Safe For Your Vagina

Wipes are wasteful and can cause irritation and leave residue. Your bidet only sprays water and you can control the water pressure to be as gentle as you want.

You don’t have to worry about your bidet contributing to UTIs or being harmful to your vaginal health. Wiping with toilet paper can spread bacteria, causing infection and leaving a smell. 

3. Using A Bidet Can Help You Feel More Confident About Sex

When it comes to sex, hygiene can be a cause for insecurity and discomfort. Using your bidet before sex can help you feel more confident and secure knowing that your vagina just got a cleansing rinse.


Your bidet provides a discreet and quick way to clean, no need to turn on the shower! You can rest assured and enjoy better sex knowing that your lady parts are in top knotch condition, helping you feel sexy and powerful!  
4. Make Post Sex Clean-up A Breeze

Post sex cleanup can be messy and awkward to handle. Using wipes can leave residue and are wasteful. When you start using your bidet you can make the clean-up process faster and less messy, so you can get back to cuddling ASAP!

5. Your Period Can Get Messy, Bidets Can Reduce Underwear Staining and Smells

Being able to wash up during your period can reduce the period struggle and leave you feeling fresh. Using your bidet frequently will help keep undergarments clean and reduce annoying staining!

6. No Need To Shower When You Only Need To Freshen Up

Now we still recommend you shower! However, your BOOTIFUL Bidet can keep you going for longer with a mini shower to your most needed areas. If you are pressed for time or just want to improve your everyday hygiene, your bidet can do the job. Like mom always said, don’t be the stinky one!

7. Improve Your Self Care Game

Bootiful-Bidet-SpaIt’s time to add your vagina to your self-care routine. Your bidet is here to help make you feel clean and sexy, so you can take on your day with confidence. Knowing you are taking care of yourself, improving your hygiene while also saving trees is what we love about our mission. 


Feminine mode gives our booty queens the option to include their lady parts in the bidet cleaning fun! Your BOOTIFUL Bidet is designed for the whole family and not just for women, so get excited to share your BOOTIFUL with the booty kings in the house too!

Now that you know the benefits of having a bidet, it's time to invest in your booty! Get your bidet here.

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