Bidets vs Toilet Paper- Which One Is Better?

Bidets vs Toilet Paper- Which One Is Better?

Which one is better? U.S. consumers use more toilet paper than any other country, and it is taking a toll on forests, wildlife, your bank account and your booty. Making the switch from toilet paper to a bidet can be intimidating so we are here to help you feel more confident in bidets!


Trees must be pulped down to create toilet paper that we use every day. Forests are being destroyed and habitats are being lost for the soft paper that ends up being flushed down your toilet after one use.
Using a bidet can drastically reduce your TP usage, saving trees and sustainably cleaning your booty.



Your Bank Account Will Thank You

On average, a person will spend $120 on toilet paper every year. Talk about literally flushing money down the toilet. That’s enough for two BOOTIFUL Bidets! If you started using BOOTIFUL right now, you could save enough on toilet paper to cover your initial purchase in less than a year!

Which One Is Better For Your Booty?

Toilet paper can be harsh and irritating. Not to mention it is not 100% effective in cleaning. Using a bidet creates a gentle and refreshing cleanse.

TP leaves residue and can contribute to UTIs. For women, our bidet also has feminine mood specifically designed for your lady parts. Check out the 7 Things Females Should Know About Their Bidet.


As a clear winner, a bidet can seriously upgrade your bathroom game. No more emergency runs to the store because you ran out of TP. 

Your bidet can help you decrease your carbon footprint and improve your hygiene. Now, do you need to completely kick your toilet paper usage? Not necessarily. Using toilet paper to pat dry after using your bidet is a common practice. At the end of the day, it's your booty, your choice, so do what works for you!

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